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Protect your company by hiring me to negotiate your vendor contracts

Experienced. Affordable. Easy going.

I help businesses with their contracting needs at a fraction of the cost of most law firms and without the overhead burden of hiring an in-house tech lawyer. With 15 years' experience, I spent over a decade working in-house at some of the largest global organizations helping find practical solutions to complex problems, and five years learning from the best and brightest attorneys at prestigious law firms. Protect your company by hiring me to negotiate your vendor contracts.



Technology affects almost every aspect of how companies operate. It is more important than ever to ensure risk is appropriately and transparently allocated between companies and their technology vendors and service providers.


Have data processing agreement (DPA) negotiations ever delayed your business from signing a contract or implementing a solution your business needed yesterday? I've negotiated hundreds of DPAs-- let me put that expertise to work for you.


I provide bespoke training courses to in-house legal and procurement teams. I'll train your teams, so you can be sure they are effectively mitigating risk and spending less on outside counsel.

Actionable advice that is easy to understand, not theoretical answers beginning with "it depends."